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We have travelled extensively throughout Australia and have produced many great DVDs of all the iconic destinations. Our videos provide everything you need to know for planning a trip into the outback. In our videos you will find mudmaps and road conditions, camping spots, history, and all the highlights of the adventure. You will also follow a group of travellers to see how they tackled their outback adventure. You can see our complete range of adventures at our other website

As well as great videos you will also find travel stories, tips and techniques on the blog.



There are more specials available too. There are:-


  • New Zealand's South Island – wonderful scenery and challenging 4 wheel driving, mostly on station tracks. Also includes some of the popular destinations of the South Island.
  • More High Country adventure in Vistas to Valleys, which includes some of the well known tracks of Mt Wellington and Billy Goat Bluff and some lesser known ones to McKillops Bridge and Haunted Stream.

These DVDs are also on special at $15 each (Postage is free if you buy 3 or more DVDs).

Where can you go during summer, when northern and central Australia are both too hot for travel? 

We have some great specials available to help you to decide your summer destinations:-

  • High Country Victoria – one of the most popular and scenic destinations in Australia, featuring rivers, waterfalls,  mountains and some of the best 4 wheel driving
  • Tasmania – has it all for travellers including more great scenic destinations, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, walking and four wheel driving.

Check out our other website where you can purchase these specials.

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