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We have travelled extensively throughout Australia and have produced many great DVDs of all the iconic destinations. Our videos provide everything you need to know for planning a trip into the outback. In our videos you will find mudmaps and road conditions, camping spots, history, and all the highlights of the adventure. You will also follow a group of travellers to see how they tackled their outback adventure. You can see our complete range of adventures at our other website

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If you are planning a desert adventure, here are 2 very different routes across the Simpson Desert for you to compare.


Simpson Desert – this video shows the well-known French Line crossing of the desert. Our convoy was first across in 2012, making this an unusual crossing with no tracks in the sand and lots of vegetation.


Madigan Line – this track follows the route of Cecil Madigan’s 1939 expedition across the northern Simpson Desert. Not as busy as the French Line, this route shows a very different side of the Simpson Desert.


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Are you looking for a great gift idea for Christmas? Or perhaps you are planning your next great adventure?

We have some great specials available to help you with you planning:-

  • Kimberley – one of the most popular and scenic destinations in Australia, featuring rivers, waterfalls, beaches, gorges and mountains
  • Flinders Ranges – has it all for travellers including walking, bike riding, and four wheel driving. More central than the Kimberley and just as scenic with mountain ranges in an outback setting
  • Binns Track – an alternative route to the Stuart Highway through the Northern Territory, from the desert in the south,  through the semi-arid mountainous environments of the Eastern Macdonnell and Davenport Ranges, to Timber Creek in the tropical north.

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